Do you sometimes feel like you just don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the next? Despite being a go get em, lover of life, it’s difficult to stay as motivated as we would perhaps like to be on Monday morning, to get to that gym class, do that hike, put yourself out there in a BIG way. It can seem like a massive, overload, to just keep going, one foot in front of the other, smile, perhaps work a full time job, while you are focused on manifesting that dream career online, the people who you know, love you but don’t quite get it. Why are you so intent on changing what you are doing now, the status quo? Why do you want to be a little bit different from your peers professionally and how can even you go about starting to make that change?

Welcome to your new beginning…

I’m here to tell you Beautiful, that I get it. Sometimes, we can’t all swim along in the same school of fish, we need to find our own lane, the one where we can learn to take risks, not hold back that deep down yearning for more, more happiness in your life, more health, more wealth and more love and that feeling just won’t subside, there’s something deeper calling or a yearning inside to take life to a whole other level. Deep down, I know you want this too, you are an intelligent, beautiful woman, with a yearning for something more or you wouldn’t have landed of all the pages on the interweb on this home page. You know deep in your heart that there’s a more inspiring, love-filled way to live on your own terms, without being overly caught up in what everyone else is doing.

Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree it will live it’s whole life believing it’s stupid.

Fear is there to make us act, recognise it is there for a reason, even now as you decide whether to take this next step in your life, or even if life coaching is for you? I am not here to preach, we have all been through a traumatic, crisis of some form and it takes strength and faith to pull ourselves out from the lowest of low. I am not trying to sell you that life is rainbows, unicorns, peaches and creams all of the time, that’s simply not possible. What is possible is to rediscover what it is you truly desire, find that balance of work and life, find a starting place to pull all your strengths together so that you can open up that beautiful heart of yours, looking back at those pivotal moments for the strength and the powerful impact they have made on your life, not to keep you small but to help you change the view you had of your life and to see the world a bit differently. Life may have other plans for you and I’m here to hold your hand, show you what’s truly possible, and guide you back to your truth by taking action every day to live a happier and healthier life, bursting with love.

I will work hand in hand with you to set your goals, determine what’s not working, and make things happen! One session, lot’s of impact.


Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits.
Fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, improvement in productivity and a renewed sense of purpose and passion with life.


There is nothing like being in an intimate, workshop style learning environment of like-minded women who know they are worth it, who want to uncover new approaches to help them improve their life, and business, and are willing to take time away from their busy lifestyle to invest in themselves.


Testimonial“Before working with Eva, I felt stuck. I had launched ELLEfit over a year beforehand and had lost direction with who I was and the vision I had for my business. I desperately wanted to break some patterns that weren’t serving me and commit to what I had set out to do, instead of being at a plateau in both my personal and professional life. I wanted to feel at peace with myself so I could make clear decisions. I had been quietly asking the universe and mentioning to my friends that I wanted a life coach. When the opportunity presented itself, I knew it was a sign. Eva made me feel very at ease and at by the end of the first session, I was really excited. I felt empowered, energized, with a renewed sense of awareness looking forward. After 3 months of coaching with Eva, I feel like I am the strongest I have felt in years in both my personal and professional life. I choose to stay in alignment with what is right by, ‘the truest version of myself’ and that has been such a life-changing breakthrough. Thank you so much Eva.”


Testimonial“Eva is incredible, my family have noticed a huge improvement on how I handle many different situations based on some of the teachings I have learnt from Eva. I have worked with Eva on both personal and professional situations and have found her to be an exceptional life coach. Even when I am completely out of my comfort zone and have been challenged, Eva has guided me to understand and learn from experiences. She has helped me have a more positive and understanding outlook with certain behaviours and situations. I used to be someone who was quite reactive and with Eva’s guidance I have learnt to sit and apply a different approach that has assisted me greatly in managing all sorts of life situations. Her kind, calming and gregarious nature is not often found in life coaches, she is incredibly natural and completely non-judgemental. Her guidance has encouraged me to become a better person and improve many aspects of my life including my relationships and business practices. Eva is a beautiful person with an incredible talent, I wish I had met her sooner!”